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Tor Neilands, PhD

 Professor, Co-Director Visiting Professor Program

"The VP program’s commitment to reducing HIV/AIDS and related disparities in U.S. minority communities is a central part of my passion in working at CAPS. Few things are as exciting as seeing a promising investigator get that first grant to do cutting-edge, community-focused HIV-related research."

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Just Published:

  1. Result 13

    Voisin DR, Tan K, Salazar LF, Crosby R, DiClemente RJ. (2012). Correlates of sexually transmitted infection prevention knowledge among African American girls. J Adolesc Health, 51(2): 197-9. PMCID: PMC3405536. Link to PubMed

    By Prof. Dexter Voisin, VP 2004-2007

  2. Result 12

    Makelarski, J.A., Lindau, S.T., Fabbre, V.D., Grogan, C.M., Sadhu, E.M., Silverstein, J.C., Tran, T.T., Van Haitsma, M., Whitaker, E., and Johnson, D. (2012). Are Your Asset Data as Good as You Think? Conducting a Comprehensive Census of Built Assets to Improve Urban Population Health. J Urban Health.

    By Prof. Eric Whitaker

  3. Result 12

    Lloyd, S., and Operario, D. (2012). HIV risk among men who have sex with men who have experienced childhood sexual abuse: Systematic review and meta-analysis. AIDS Education and Prevention, 24(3): 228-41. Link to PubMed

    By Prof. Don Operario, VP 2001

  4. Result 11

    Kuo, C., Operario, D., and Cluver, L. (2012). Depression among carers of AIDS-orphaned and other-orphaned children in Umlazi Township, South Africa. Global Public Health, 7(3): 253-69. PMCID: PMC3273578. Link to PubMed

    By Prof. Don Operario, VP 2001

  5. Result 10 Kuo

    Kuo, C., Fitzgerald, J., Operario, D., and Casale, M. (2012). Social support disparities for caregivers of AIDS-orphaned children in South Africa. Journal of Community Psychology, 40(6): 631-44. PMCID: PMC3420007. Link to PubMed

    By Prof. Don Operario, VP 2001

  6. Result 9

    Kagotho, N., and Ssewamala, F. (2012). Correlates of depression among caregivers of children affected by HIV/AIDS in Uganda: Findings from the suubi-maka family study. AIDS Care, 24(10): 1226-32. Link to PubMed

    By Prof. Fred Ssewamala, VP 2007-2010

  7. Result 8

    Gonzales, F.A., Zea, M.C., Reisen, C.A., Bianchi, F.T., Betancourt Rodriguez, C.F., Aguilar Pardo, M., and Poppen, P.J. (2012). Popular perceptions of circumcision among Colombian men who have sex with men. Culture, Health, & Sexuality. Link to PubMed

    By Prof. Maria Cecilia Zea, VP 1997-1999

  8. Result 2

    Bird, J.D., Kuhns, L., and Garofalo, R. (2012). The Impact of Role Models on Health Outcomes for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Youth. Journal of Adolescent Health, 50(4): 353-7. PMCID:PMC3313463. Link to PubMed 

    By Prof. Jason Bird, VP 2011-present

  9. Result 1

    Williams TT, Dodd D, Campbell B, Pichon LC, Griffith DM. (2012). Discussing adolescent sexual health in African-American churches. J Relig Health. PMCID: PMC3504615 [Available on 2014/1/20]. Link to PubMed

    By Prof. Latrice Pichon, VP 2011-present

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  1. Testimonial 56

    “Your seminars on scale development and how to ask the right questions reinforced the importance of having valid and reliable measures when preparing our proposals. Your examples and applications were always lucid and applicable.”

    - Former visiting professor

  2. Testimonial 55

    “I am leaving six weeks later with much greater focus and specificity, a written plan for implementing the first phase of our research, commitment to carry out our programs of research, and most importantly, faith that it can be done.”

    - Former visiting professor

  3. Testimonial 53

    “I would like to thank the National Institute of Mental Health for funding this project. We have all heard the expression, ‘We need more minority researchers in HIV prevention research.’ NIMH put their money where their mouth was.”

    - Former visiting professor

  4. Testimonial 52

    “The grant-making seminars were valuable. The guest speakers helped to identify the grant writing and funding process.”

    - Former visiting professor

  5. Testimonial 51

    “I found an environment where my research was not just tolerated but applauded. You listened to us and learned from us also. Collaboration among each other and among scholars and faculty has already begun.”

    - Former visiting professor

  6. Testimonial 50

    “The grant management seminar was valuable! Experienced grant managers shared concrete suggestions for project management, especially within the personnel domain.”

    -Former visiting professor

  7. Testimonial 49

    “The interactions with colleagues working on HIV/AIDS in minority populations and with CAPS faculty make this program a wonderful and supportive intellectual experience.”

    - Former visiting professor

  8. Testimonial 48

    “I hope that one day I can provide the type of mentoring, support and assistance to ethnic minority HIV prevention researchers that you provided me.”

    - Former visiting professor

  9. Testimonial 47

    “The interactions with colleagues working on HIV/AIDS in minority populations and with CAPS faculty make this program a wonderful and supportive intellectual experience.”

    -Former visiting professor

  10. Testimonial 45

    “The CAPS VP program has been one of the most rewarding professional experiences that I have had. I feel honored to have spent three summers working with a group of people who share my commitment to groundbreaking HIV/AIDS research and interventions in communities of color.”

    -Former visiting professor