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Tor Neilands, PhD

 Professor, Co-Director Visiting Professor Program

"The VP program’s commitment to reducing HIV/AIDS and related disparities in U.S. minority communities is a central part of my passion in working at CAPS. Few things are as exciting as seeing a promising investigator get that first grant to do cutting-edge, community-focused HIV-related research."

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Just Published:

  1. Santos 2017

    Behar E, Rowe C, Santos GM, Coffa D, Turner C, Santos NC, Coffin PO. Acceptability of Naloxone Co-Prescription Among Primary Care Providers Treating Patients on Long-Term Opioid Therapy for Pain. J Gen Intern Med 2017;32(3):291-5. PMCID: PMC5331006 [Available on 2018-03-01].

    By Prof. Glenn-Milo Santos, VP 2016-present

  2. Bird 2017

    Bird JDP, Morris J, Koester KA, Pollack LM, Binson D, Woods WJ. “Knowing your status and knowing your partner’s status is really where it starts”: a qualitative exploration of the process by which a sexual partner’s HIV-status can influence sexual decision making. J Sex Res 2017;54(6):784-94. Full text at: PMCID: PMC5290286.

    By Prof. Jason Bird, VP 2011-2013

  3. mutchler 2016

    Wagner GJ, Bogart LM, Mutchler MG, McDavitt B, Mutepfa KD, Risley B. Increasing Antiretroviral Adherence for HIV-Positive African Americans (Project Rise): A Treatment Education Intervention Protocol. JMIR research protocols 2016;5(1):e45. Full text at PMCID: PMC4829729.

    By Prof. Matt Mutchler, VP 2015-present

  4. nelson, sheilla and mark 2016

    Varas-Diaz N, Neilands TB, Rodriguez-Madera SL, Padilla M. The role of emotions in the reduction of HIV/AIDS stigma among physicians in training. AIDS Care 2016;28(3):376-83. Full text at PMCID: PMC4747826.

    By Prof. Nelson Varas-Diaz, VP 2005-2009 and Sheilla Rodriguez-Madera, VP 2014-present , and Prof Mark Padilla, VP 2004-2007

  5. Graham 2017

    Crissman HP, Berger MB, Graham LF, Dalton VK. Transgender Demographics: A Household Probability Sample of US Adults, 2014. Am J Public Health 2017;107(2):213-5. Full text at PMCID: PMC5227939.

    By Prof. Louis Graham, VP 2014-2017

  6. Lassiter book 2017

    Follins LD, Lassiter J. Black LGBT health in the United States : the intersection of race, gender, and sexual orientation. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books; 2017. Link to Amazon

    By Prof. Jonathan Lassiter, VP 2017-present

  7. operario 2016

    Wray TB, Grin B, Dorfman L, Glynn TR, Kahler CW, Marshall BD, van den Berg JJ, Zaller ND, Bryant KJ, Operario D. Systematic review of interventions to reduce problematic alcohol use in men who have sex with men. Drug Alcohol Rev 2016;35(2):148-57. Full text at PMCID: PMC4604011.

    By Prof. Don Operario, VP 2001

  8. michelle 2016

    Teti M, Conserve D, Zhang N, Gerkovich M. Another Way to Talk: Exploring Photovoice as a Strategy to Support Safe Disclosure Among Men and Women With HIV. AIDS Educ Prev 2016;28(1):43-58.

    By Prof. Michelle Teti, VP 2010-2012

  9. Santa Maria 2017

    Santa Maria DM, Narendorf SC, Barman-Adhikari A, Petering R, Flash CA. Implications for Prep Uptake in Homeless Young Adults: A Mixed-Methods Study. J Adolesc Health 2017;60(2):S25-S6.
    By Prof. Diane Santa Maria, VP 2016-present

  10. Voisin and Takahashi 2017

    Voisin DR, Harty J, Kim DH, Elsaesser C, Takahashi LM. Assessing the Relationship Between Parental Influences and Wellbeing Among Low Income African American Adolescents in Chicago. Child & Youth Care Forum 2017;46(2):223-42.

    By Prof. Dexter Voisin, VP 2004-06 and Prof. Lois Takahashi, VP 2003-2005

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  1. Testimonial 56

    “Your seminars on scale development and how to ask the right questions reinforced the importance of having valid and reliable measures when preparing our proposals. Your examples and applications were always lucid and applicable.”

    - Former visiting professor

  2. Testimonial 55

    “I am leaving six weeks later with much greater focus and specificity, a written plan for implementing the first phase of our research, commitment to carry out our programs of research, and most importantly, faith that it can be done.”

    - Former visiting professor

  3. Testimonial 53

    “I would like to thank the National Institute of Mental Health for funding this project. We have all heard the expression, ‘We need more minority researchers in HIV prevention research.’ NIMH put their money where their mouth was.”

    - Former visiting professor

  4. Testimonial 52

    “The grant-making seminars were valuable. The guest speakers helped to identify the grant writing and funding process.”

    - Former visiting professor

  5. Testimonial 51

    “I found an environment where my research was not just tolerated but applauded. You listened to us and learned from us also. Collaboration among each other and among scholars and faculty has already begun.”

    - Former visiting professor

  6. Testimonial 50

    “The grant management seminar was valuable! Experienced grant managers shared concrete suggestions for project management, especially within the personnel domain.”

    -Former visiting professor

  7. Testimonial 39

    “It is a comprehensive program which is flexible and individualized to address each VP’s research topic. Professional mentoring to conduct scientific research in ethnic minority communities is the key of this program.”

    -Former visiting professor


  8. Testimonial 38

    “This is the most intellectually satisfying program in which I have had the pleasure to participate. I especially enjoyed learning from and sharing with other researchers who are committed to underserved populations.”

    -Former visiting professor

  9. Testimonial 36

    This is, by far, one of my most career-enhancing experiences. I have benefited greatly from the collegiality of the faculty and the other VPs as well as the numerous opportunities to think out loud in a safe space.

    -Former visiting professor

  10. Testimonial 34

    “The faculty & other VP’s have a genuine interest in helping us develop our work. This type of supportive community of HIV prevention researchers is a rare find for researchers of color.”

    -Former visiting professor

Application update

The application for Summer 2018 is now available. Please go to to learn more.